Active Lime Production Line

Active Lime Production Line

2019-02-12 16:14

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Brand : LCDRI

Type : Active Lime Production Line

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LCDRI can undertake the 200-1500t/d active lime production line, including the the reach report, civil engineering, designing, equipment, installation and debugging --- "turnkey” service with production capacity and standard achieved.
Capacity: 200-1200t/d     Kiln slope: 3.5~4%    Diameter: φ1.8~φ4.8 m
Application: Lime production plant, cement plant, Hydrogen calcium plant

Process Description

Qualified limestone (20 ~ 50 mm) are lifted by bucket elevator to top silo of preheater. There are two level indicators (up and down) controlling the feeding amount, then they are separated averagely into preheaters’ individual rooms. The limestone’s temperature rises to about 900℃ heated by kiln flue gas of 1150℃, about 30% of them are decomposed, and they come into the rotary kiln by hydraulic rod, where the limestone decomposed into CaO and CO2. The decomposed limestone are put into the cooler, where its temperatures drops to 100℃ and released. The hot air (600°C) will come to kiln after heat exchange, and mix with coal gas for mixture combustion. The exhaust gas is released by the blower into bag deduster through multi-pipe cooler, then into the chimney though exhaust blower. The limestone from the cooler will be transported to the limestone final product silo through vibrating feeder, chain conveyer, bucket elevator, belt conveyer.



Technical parameter see below table 


1. Large production, maximum capacity can reach 1500t/d
2. Quality of final product is well-distributed, and over-sintering is no more than 8%.
3. Activity of lime can reach 400ml Main structure of rotary kiln


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