Sludge Carbonization Furnace

Sludge Carbonization Furnace

2019-02-12 16:04

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Brand : LCDRI

Type : Furnace

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           Sludge Carbonization Furnace


LCDRI Sludge Carbonization Furnaces come in standard sizes ranging from 1.5m diameter by 4m long to 3.6m diameter by 45m long. Whether you want a small 12t/d project or a large 4000t/d project, we can construct your dryer to fit your project.

Diameter: 1.5m – 3.6m
Length: 4m – 45m
Capacity: 12-4000T/D


Process description

The preparation of biochar from sludge by dry distillation is a chemical reaction under closed, anaerobic and high temperature conditions. The sludge is thermally decomposed at high temperature to produce combustible gas and material charcoal and so on,so as to effectively decompose sludge, achieve resource utilization, protect the environment, and achieve benefits.



LCDRI Sludge Carbonization Furnace Specifications   

Name Spec.Mode Heating Method Heating Temperature Production mode
Processing capacity
Pyrolytic furnace
Indirect Heating
Continuous type 1.5~5
Carbonization Rotary Kiln
Indirect + direct heating 400~650 Continuous type


LCDRI Indirect Heating Type Sludge Carbonization Furnaces Technical Characteristics

1. Dry distillation is carried out under sealed, oxygen-free, non-combustion and high temperature conditions, avoiding the production of dioxins, nitrogen oxides and so on.
2. The mixture gas (steam and non-condensable combustible gas) produced in the process of sludge retorting is purified and separated, and the combustible components such as methane and ethane are used as the fuel of the retorting sludge unit.
3. Clean gas fuels such as gas are used in the treatment of sludge by dry distillation, and the tail gas produced by the fuel after combustion in the combustion chamber reaches the national standard.
4. Sludge is directly transported to the retort unit for treatment, which avoids bacterial fermentation, odor and air pollution.
5. The water vapor produced in the process of sludge treatment by dry distillation is condensed, recovered and purified to become condensate, and the condensate is recycled and discharged as cooling water.
6. The sludge treatment unit of dry distillation is equipped with dust removal equipment. In the process of dry distillation, biochar dust can be prevented from polluting the environment and protecting the working environment and health of the operators.



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